Our Brands

Wound Care

3M + KCI

Two trusted Leaders are bringing together their science, technology and comprehensive solutions to redefine what's possible in healthcare.

The portfolio includes the V.A.C. Therapy range of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Advanced Wound Dressings.

B. Braun

Ready to use products for cleansing, moisturising and decontamination of acute and chronic wounds, to aid in efficient wound bed preparation.

Walgreen Health Solutions


The Heelift® name in the Wound Care Industry has become synonymous with high quality offloading products for heel pressure ulcer prevention.

The portfolio includes Heelift Boots, Heelift Traction Boot and Elbow Lift Suspension Pads.


NATROX® O₂, is a small, wearable form of continuous topical oxygen therapy that uses the natural properties of oxygen to stimulate healing in previously non-healing wounds. It is non-invasive, easy to use, and highly effective. Ideal across both clinical and home care settings, it can be used during any phase of healing and works with almost any standard secondary dressings.  Lightweight and discreet, NATROX® O₂ gives patients complete freedom of movement.