i-Port Advance™

Inject less, worry less®

If you are frequently injecting insulin or another medication,i-Port Advance™ will reduce the number of injections that puncture your skin with a needle -lessening pain, lowering anxiety and reducing inconvenience.1

Always read the Instructions for Use.

With i-Port Advance™, you can:

Take insulin doses without the pain of additional skin punctures.

Avoid skipping or missing meals.1

Reduce the physical and emotional barriers to injecting insulin.1,2

Iport animation

Simple to apply and easy to use. 

The i-Port is applied with virtually painless* insertion, leaving a soft cannula under the skin and giving you a means to inject medications such as insulin, with fewer punctures, over 3 days of normal activity. It is compatible with pens and syringes and can be used by children and adults.


Injecting with i-Port in 3 easy steps:

iport stencil

Pull back on the centre, place on skin and press both round indentations, then press centre to ensure adhesion.


After insertion, pull to remove inserter.


Inject with standard pen or syringe.


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  • i-Port Advance®

    i-Port Advance® is a small injection port that lets you take your diabetes medications without having to puncture your skin for each shot. It’s easy to wear and easy to use. It can be worn for up to three days during all normal activities, including showering, bathing and exercising.

    $28.75 - $118.45